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Alcoholic mother

Posted: Thu Dec 06, 2018 7:48 pm
by Paulg350
Hello to anyone that read my story, hello everybody, my names Paul and 5 months ago the most amazing thing happened me in my life and it was the birth of my little buddle of joy my son ewan, I'm going to try and keep the story short and get to the point, my ex partner (ewans) mother is on alcoholic and before she had the baby when she she was pregnant she drank a few time over the pregnancy, 2 months ago when I was at work I got a phone call that the ex was 40 miles away from are home drink driving with the bady in the car, only for a shop keeper that noticed she wS drunk and there was a bady in the car, I don't no wat would of happened, since that day she has to be supervised with the baby any time she is with him, he was alk the support of her family and myself but just keeps drinking, I have given her chance after change but unfortunately the drink control her, wat I'm I to do

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