Separation with 2 young kids

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Separation with 2 young kids

Post by Skippy0610 » Sat Nov 03, 2018 6:18 pm

My name is Stephen and I am a father of 2, son ages 4 and daughter aged 3. I am fortunate to see my kids every weekend from Friday night into Sunday and also visit them on a Tuesday.

When the Mother and I first split things were amicable to begin with but now 2 years down the line I feel as though I am being dictated too by the Mother. Any time I ever ask for any time to spend with my girlfriend there is always a problem that doesn't allow me to do so.

It has started to create a wedge in my relationship due to the lack of quality time we get with each other. We do plenty of things together with the kids but rarely on our own.

The mother of the kids admittedly has some mental health issues but does tend to be aggressive and shows no willingness to help out others. I have so much more to say in regards to what has happened over the last year but I do not want bore any readers to death lol.

I have considered going to a solicitor about this but can't help but feel I maybe being petty. It is really starting to get to me the whole situation and was wondering if any other dad's out there have been in similar situations and could provide some advice?!?!

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Re: Separation with 2 young kids

Post by Omegamale » Fri Nov 30, 2018 5:16 pm

Ask your doctor whether he / she has any thoughts about who you should consult. Go to or call CAB - they will have options for you.
Sounds like you and XP need to get this sorted with some outside/expert help. XP may not like it but has to realise that if you are happy you can be a better dad to your kids.

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